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MUCC lyrics wanted =D
GIRL: smoking
starlacrash wrote in jrock_translate
Hi there!

I always thought about how good it would be, to have many MUCC lyrics at one place, including Romaji versions and several languages. I also believe fans translate lyrics best because they know their favourite band better than a paid translator from a random label company that doesn't care if translations have "soul" or not.

This is why I started "FORTYSIX" or also called "46" to gather translations made by fans! And that is why we need more translations made by YOU :D
If you like to participate, please send a message to s_koch14@gmx.de, along with your nickname and the E-Mail address I am supposed to put next to your name in the translator's list. And of course, please attach your translations/transliterations :D

To go to the website, please click the banner below, thx =D


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