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Naitomea - PHANTOM [Romaji, Translation]
Dir en grey ~ 京 [黒白]
tinkinchen wrote in jrock_translate
Since I totally fell in love with Naitomea's new album "the WORLD Ruler" and had nothing much to do, I decided to do a little translation of one of the songs: PHANTOM. I like those few lines, even though I can't guarantee, that everything is right. Feel free to correct me, if you find any mistakes.

( Naitomea - PHANTOM )

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Sorry this is OT but you are using a few icons I hava made, could you please give me credit? :)

of course... just tell me, which ones are yours, please.

Your default icon, then the Kyo ones with keywords OMG, FVT 2006 and Victory. Thanks~! :D

okay. thanks for telling ^^ i'll credit asap.

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