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Dir en grey ☆ Toshiya 「Longing」
tarantye_no wrote in jrock_translate
Can anyone translate this little article with questions to Tara?

Thanks in advance. m(_ _)m

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Q. What did you do last Christmas?

I was working at an accessory shop.

Q. A good memory of Christmas?

Going out with my friends to eat yakiniku. I really wanted to eat yakiniku. [The gist is right, I think.]

Q. How would you like to spend this Christmas?

I want to stay at home.

Q. What would you like the girl you like to give you?

Stuff like accessories. Or love. (laugh)

Q. Please give your fans a message!

This Christmas at the Panic Channel-sponsored 12/24 live at Meguro Rokumeikan, let's celebrate Christmas together. Kichiisu.

No problem. My Japanese isn't very good, so I ask that you not post this translation anywhere else.

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