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Daikirai by MUCC
I understand every sentences but  "zutto shitteruto omottemashita" and "sonna ni odorokukoto nai deshou". Can anybody translate this or give me the japanese lyrics that I can translate it by myself?
thx a LOT!!!

[EDIT] Just found the japanese lyrics! I will translate them and then we'll see!

AnCafe Blog Translations
Dir en grey ~ 京 [腐海]
During the last few days schlurpi and I had a little time left.
So we decided to do some translations of AnCafe's official blog.
Of course, there's no guarantee that everything is correct.
We aren't native speakers, so common speech is a little bit difficult to handle for us...
But well... I hope you'll enjoy it nonetheless ^___^

☆ Teruki's Diary 2007.01.16
☆ Miku's Diary 2007.01.18
☆ Bou's Diary 2007.01.19
☆ Miku's Diary 2007.01.19
☆ Teruki's Diary 2007.01.21

AnCafe's LiveDoor Blog

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D'espairsRay Interview Translation from Orkus Magazine Feb. 2007
Looking fab
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x-posted like crazy!

NLSG Subtitles?
Sorry, I don't know where to post this, but since this is a translating community I thought it would be safe to post this request here. I've heard of people creating subitles for people to download and somehow place into concerts dvds and I was wondering if anyone had made a set of subtitles for the Namless Liberty Six Guns DVDs (mainly the first and second disks)by Gazette yet? If so would someone mind uploading them and showing me how exactly to make them work? *lost, but hopeful* Sorry for requesting something so big, but I'm curious to know what they're saying in the concert ^^ Thank you if anyone can help me out!

Requestttt~ ^^
Hiiii x3
I am absolutely dying for a translation of "Kinsenka" off of MUCC's latest album, Gokusai. I scanned the lyrics and uploaded the mp3, just in case.
I am really curious because it is the first time Satochi has written lyrics and I really want to know what he has to say *nerd* XD. I tried to do some translating and got like. A few lines >>. *fail*
Would it be too much to ask for the romaji and kanji? I had problems with a few of the characters >>
Thank youuu in advance ;o;
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Gazette REQ: Crucify Sorrow, Psychodelic Heroine, Rich Excrement
mov > j&sb > sway bop
First time posting, so I'm sorry if I passed over something. Um, could I please get the translations for the songs Crucify Sorrow, Psychodelic Heroine, and Rich Excrement by Gazette? The only reference I have is the romaji for Crucify Sorrow, and both the romaji and kanji for Psychodelic Heroine, however, I have nothing for Rich Excrement. Do yoou guys need the songs?

Crucify Sorrow romajiCollapse )

Psychodelic Heroine romaji&kanjiCollapse )

Random lyrics - Heart Balance by Kra
I received this lyrics request outside of LJ, but I figured there might be some folks here who'd like to see it too, so I thought I'd share. Sorry I can't upload the mp3 for everyone too, but I don't have it either. :\ So I do hope the kanji I found was accurate... if I ever get to hear the song and find any variations between what's written and what's sung, I'll come back and edit. :x

Kra - Heart Balance, English translation:

Everything you've taught me, all the joy and sadness, is precious to me
If I'm with you who believed in the word eternity, I can go on

If you would wipe away the tears flowing down my cheeks just once more...
And gently hold me close... with a silent smile
I know we've had our fights walking along this road... but

Everything you've taught me, all the joy and sadness, is precious to me
If I'm with you who believed in the word eternity, I can go on

When I take your cold hands in mine, one by one they all spill over...
The memories... the words... the tears... everything... it all flows out
I know we've cried walking along this road... but

I was never afraid of anything... just being by your side was enough
Everything seemed to shine before me, I could take anything

Everything you've taught me, the joy, sadness, the pain, the warmth...
Everything you've taught me is dear to me...
And so precious.

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キャサリン [Catheline] Member Profiles
Yesterday I translated the profiles for the band キャサリン [Catheline]! (Their OHP is located here).

I've posted them to the キャサリン Community, beautys_deadc (but you have to be a member to see them) and also on my translation journal. ^^

Gazette Translation Request
Could someone translate Gazette's Katherine in the Trunk for me? Pretty please?
Or maybe point me to a site that has it's translation? Pleaase?
I'll be much grateful ^^

Katherine in the trunk romanji this way...Collapse )

Credits goes to GAZEROCK for the romanji ^-^

[MYV News]
Beard!Conan .x. Tainted
I recently read on gakuhai's journal that, if anyone here has heard about the uber band with Yoshiki, Gackt, and Sugizo, there is a need of 5 members in it and there are now 3. I don't know where she found this comment, but MYVdesu talks about (nonsense like asparagus) he will be in a new band in 2007. Something about "really kool older brothers".

I think this could be the start of his joining the UBERBAND. If anyone could give me any more information about what he is saying (aside from the nonsense like, "eat your meat" (reference to Pink Floyd's "Another Brick in the Wall"?), I will be MUCH OBLIGED!

Miyavi - Newest Clip (Becoming Member in an Upcoming Band)


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