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Jrock Translate

Jrock and related translations

kannivalism for mother's day? translation request!

 Hello, I'm back after selling my soul to shirabe for the translation of DuelJewel's Sepia. (please take good care of it~!)

NOW I've found this wonderful, calm and relaxing album; kannivalism's helios!


I'd be grateful for any translations of the songs of this album, but since I has no other soul to offer in exchange, I won't get greedy;

I'll be a happy little girl if someone could translate kannivalism's ''mum'' to me!

Since I don't understand more than couple of words of japanese, I can't trust the title of the song, but this might be something I could use to make a special gift for my mom?

And AGAIN, I have no kanji for this song, only the romaji ._.

You can find the lyrics, the song and the video from this page:


...Please help me? ♥

(no subject)
I don't know if anyone has translated these already, but I finished translating the 100 Questions with each member of D from Expect Rush V.

Click on the band member's name to go to the translation.


Pashya // Cure Vol. 41
Pashya appeared in issue forty-one of Cure, and since they're one of my favourite bands, and the interview is hysterical, I translated it in case anyone else was interested in reading.

You can find it here. (Translation journal).

Dir en grey ☆ Toshiya 「Longing」
Can anyone translate this little article with questions to Tara?

please? <3 <3Collapse )

Thanks in advance. m(_ _)m

Naitomea - PHANTOM [Romaji, Translation]
Dir en grey ~ 京 [黒白]
Since I totally fell in love with Naitomea's new album "the WORLD Ruler" and had nothing much to do, I decided to do a little translation of one of the songs: PHANTOM. I like those few lines, even though I can't guarantee, that everything is right. Feel free to correct me, if you find any mistakes.

( Naitomea - PHANTOM )

Tin ☆彡

Comments are ♡♡♡
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Looking for translators!
I hope this is allowed... nothing in the rules against it.

Anyhoo... I am looking for translators for my new community devils_cure. It's for translating J-Rock magazines. I searched for communities that did translate magazines... but I didn't really find any specifically. So I made one. ^^ If you're interested in translating... please join and leave me a comment!


~Translation please~
Shun Chu
I was browsing through mt Tero pictures on my computer and I found one where he answered 100 questions. Could anyone translate it for me please? I can only read a little stuff like Dragonball XD
SOrry bout the bottom right corner >.< Its how someone had scanned it in.

Here is a link to the article


About Gyackmen Disbanding

As many of you have probably read, Gyackmen is disbanding on the 20th of April.
In light of that, I translated the comments all the members made about this.

If you're interested in reading them, you can find them → right here.

bou interview
ouran high :)
hello every body! I just have a small request. Could somebody please translate this?? It would be VERY much appreciated!!



MUCC lyrics wanted =D
GIRL: smoking
Hi there!

I always thought about how good it would be, to have many MUCC lyrics at one place, including Romaji versions and several languages. I also believe fans translate lyrics best because they know their favourite band better than a paid translator from a random label company that doesn't care if translations have "soul" or not.

This is why I started "FORTYSIX" or also called "46" to gather translations made by fans! And that is why we need more translations made by YOU :D
If you like to participate, please send a message to s_koch14@gmx.de, along with your nickname and the E-Mail address I am supposed to put next to your name in the translator's list. And of course, please attach your translations/transliterations :D

To go to the website, please click the banner below, thx =D