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kannivalism for mother's day? translation request!

 Hello, I'm back after selling my soul to shirabe for the translation of DuelJewel's Sepia. (please take good care of it~!)

NOW I've found this wonderful, calm and relaxing album; kannivalism's helios!


I'd be grateful for any translations of the songs of this album, but since I has no other soul to offer in exchange, I won't get greedy;

I'll be a happy little girl if someone could translate kannivalism's ''mum'' to me!

Since I don't understand more than couple of words of japanese, I can't trust the title of the song, but this might be something I could use to make a special gift for my mom?

And AGAIN, I have no kanji for this song, only the romaji ._.

You can find the lyrics, the song and the video from this page:


...Please help me? ♥

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Dir en grey ~ 京 [黒白]

Naitomea - PHANTOM [Romaji, Translation]

Since I totally fell in love with Naitomea's new album "the WORLD Ruler" and had nothing much to do, I decided to do a little translation of one of the songs: PHANTOM. I like those few lines, even though I can't guarantee, that everything is right. Feel free to correct me, if you find any mistakes.

( Naitomea - PHANTOM )

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Looking for translators!

I hope this is allowed... nothing in the rules against it.

Anyhoo... I am looking for translators for my new community devils_cure. It's for translating J-Rock magazines. I searched for communities that did translate magazines... but I didn't really find any specifically. So I made one. ^^ If you're interested in translating... please join and leave me a comment!

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MUCC lyrics wanted =D

Hi there!

I always thought about how good it would be, to have many MUCC lyrics at one place, including Romaji versions and several languages. I also believe fans translate lyrics best because they know their favourite band better than a paid translator from a random label company that doesn't care if translations have "soul" or not.

This is why I started "FORTYSIX" or also called "46" to gather translations made by fans! And that is why we need more translations made by YOU :D
If you like to participate, please send a message to s_koch14@gmx.de, along with your nickname and the E-Mail address I am supposed to put next to your name in the translator's list. And of course, please attach your translations/transliterations :D

To go to the website, please click the banner below, thx =D

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